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Supermoji is one of the first apps to offer animated emojis for Android that are similar to the ones Apple created for their iPhone. This free app lets you control half a dozen animojis and animate them with your own facial gestures.

The app uses six popular faces: the panda, poop, cat, alien, dog and a chicken. Using your smartphone’s frontal camera, the app detects your movements and gestures and replicates them on the animoji in real time. As an added bonus, you can save the pictures and videos in the process.

You can then export the videos (up to 20 seconds long) which also capture the audio recorded by your smartphone’s internal microphone. Another pretty cool feature is that you can add different types of backgrounds and some additional 3D effects on your face.

Supermoji works surprisingly well and has succeeded in replicating the popular animojis that can be used in iOS for Android devices.
The iPhone X's Animojis arrive on the Android ecosystem

Since the release of the iPhone X, one of the most talked about features has been Animoji. These 3D emoticons use the facial recognition capabilities of the new Apple smart phone to reproduce facial gestures. This has lead to a number of silly videos posted online. Meanwhile, Android users have been on the sidelines, waiting to take part in the viral fiesta. A number of fake apps popped up on Google Play, but there was no true alternative... until now. Supermoji is the first Android app that can reproduce your facial gestures in funny 3D emojis.
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Android 5.0 or greater is required

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